The Waugh Rooms is a global educational platform constantly searching for absolute truth, to respond pragmatically to an increasingly cruel, fragmented and delusional world. 

It’s a platform where we discuss controversial topics that are crucial & vital to our lives with industry experts and professionals.

WHY did we launch THE WAUGH ROOMS?

Every day there are stories of fake news in this ‘cancel culture’ society we live in. People are more fragmented than ever and despite the level of education through college and university, they’re increasingly unsure of who to trust and where to turn.

Generations are growing up with a lack of trust of governments, media and mainstream institutions. They’re asking questions about how learning algebra will really help them build a meaningful life and have a positive impact in areas they care most about. 

In the era of ‘political correctness’ where people are scared of what they can and can’t say, of who may get offended and what the repercussions may be across the internet, where do you turn when there is a real question you need a grounded candid answer on?

Where do you go to hear the truth, however challenging that conversation may be? 

This is why Waugh Rooms was launched and why it’s needed now, more than ever… 

paul waugh shares insights & expert

interviews on:

The Myths & Reality of Christianity & God

There is no more important area of life than understanding why we are here, where we came from and what our purpose is. Exploring the fundamental realities of God.

Philosophy, Science & Religion

Philosophy means the love of wisdom. The Waugh Rooms will explore conversations with leading philosophers, scientists and theologians  to optimise all areas of our lives.

Our Society & Young People

Society is becoming more fragmented than ever and the ones who suffer most are our children and young people. What can we do to create more unity inside & outside our front doors? 

Parenting & Families

Family breakdown and toxic narcissism are the cancer at the heart of our human problems. Marriage & family are the most important institutions in life and they need serious repair.

Life, Business & Human Potential

We go to school and university but are still woefully unprepared for life and how to build the human, material and financial resources we need. What can we do to change this?

World & Environmental Issues

800 million children and families suffer from drinking toxic water every day. Millions more suffer globally in situations that could be radically reduced. How can we come together to alleviate this suffering?

Watch David Vs Goliath – The Showdown…

You Have Been Deceived By The BBC Once Again.

Watch The Live Showdown In Real-Time With Full Facts & Evidence..

The Court of Public Opinion Will Rule In This Case.

Don’t Let It Happen To You, Your Family, Your Children, Your Business, Your Life.

cHECK out other videos in response to the daily mail ARTicles…

More Than an educational platform

We are fighting challenges that we cannot see, and we need to understand these issues and what we can do about it, individually and collectively.

The purpose of the Waugh Rooms is to raise our levels of understanding of our barriers and through that to respond to them in our own homes and beyond. We cannot fight an enemy we cannot see or understand.

“If you’re going to live an extraordinary life then you need to be educated in an exceptional way.”

– Paul Stephen Waugh


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